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More is happening in large animal veterinary medicine but some changes may seep over into pet animal practice. A new federal regulation called “The Veterinary Feed Directive” now requires a licensed veterinarian to supply a form indicating the need for drugs that have been sold by feed stores in the past. I am expecting that this will not be welcomed by farmers. Involving a veterinarian for what have been considered feed additives in the past will increase cost and effort involved. It may also reduce the use of many antibiotics added to animal feed. I believe that is the intention of the Food and Drug Administration since the primary motivation for any changes regarding the use of antibiotics is the steady increase of drug resistant bacteria affecting the human population.

An increase in oversight of animal feed additives may reduce unnecessary exposure of bacteria to antibiotics and the resultant development of resistance to some of those antibiotics. Food animal veterinarians will be well versed in the requirements but the occasional hobby farmer may ask their pet animal practitioner for help. Even bee keepers may need veterinary authorization for antibiotics commonly available in the past. I recommend letting the veterinarians dealing with food producing livestock handle these changes.

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